The Employer Engagement Team assists in connecting your organisation with the best graduates to suit the requirements and culture of your workplace. Read about our successful connections with business and industry below:


“The team at the Curtin Careers & Employment Centre provide an excellent and comprehensive service to their industry/professional partners, and we highly value this relationship.”


“The Career Hub system is easy to use and we have so far obtained the results we want out of it.  We received a large level of qualified and like-minded applicants for the role we advertised, which allowed us to find the perfect fit for our organisation.”


“It’s rare to find such a free link to ready-made professionals.  It was of great benefit to our Agency.”


“Very happy with the calibre of students.”


“We employed 2 Curtin graduates (Mechatronics & Elect Eng) in our tech start-up company in 2014. Very impressed with their skills, work ethic and professionalism. Expect we will be looking in 2016 for another graduate.”