Partnerships & projects

We maintain strong, collaborative relationships with some of the biggest companies in Australia and the world to advance our teaching and research.

Because our courses are designed with direct input from these industry partners, our students graduate with the practical skills, connections and knowledge needed to succeed in the global marketplace.

We have a strong focus on cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional research alliances, with numerous partners in the federally funded Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) scheme.

Research grants from government, industry and other sources of research funding brought Curtin’s total research income to almost $82m in 2014.

Some of our major partners are:

To meet our goal of becoming a leading university in the Asia-Pacific, Curtin is forging mutually beneficial partnerships with Australian and international governments, industry and regional communities, which will help contribute to the future of the University.

Our strategic alliance promise:

  • enhanced research capability
  • shared resources, learning and knowledge
  • more competitive offerings to students and external clients.

Our partnerships can include:

  • partnering or collaborating with Curtin
  • conducting research with Curtin
  • recruiting Curtin students
  • sharing expertise with Curtin
  • supporting Curtin students
  • Intellectual property (IP) commercialisation to develop technology opportunities.

Offshore partners

In addition to our offshore campuses in Dubai, Malaysia, Mauritius and Singapore we deliver courses at institutions in China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Our offshore partners give students options to study a degree in their home country without the expense of living away from home.

CountryPartner NameCourses
ChinaNanjing Audit UniversityBachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Accounting Technologies)
Dongbei University of Finance and EconomicsBachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Accounting Technologies)
MauritiusCharles Telfair InstituteBachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance)

Bachelor of Commerce (Banking and Finance)

Bachelor of Commerce (Business Information Systems)

Bachelor of Commerce (Business Information Technology and Systems)

Bachelor of Commerce (Business Information Technology)

Bachelor of Commerce (Business Law)

Bachelor of Commerce (Management and Human Resource Management)

Bachelor of Commerce (Management and Marketing)

Bachelor of Commerce (Management)

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)

Bachelor of Commerce (Tourism & Hospitality and Public Relations)

Bachelor of Commerce (Tourism and Hospitality and Marketing)

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Public Relations)

Bachelor of Arts (Digital Design)

Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication)
SingaporeCurtin SingaporeBachelor of Arts (Mass Communication)

Master of Science (Project Management)
Sri LankaSri Lanka Institute
of Information Technology
Bachelor of Science (Computing Major) – Information Technology Stream

Bachelor of Science (Computing Major) – Software Engineering Stream

Bachelor of Science (Computer Systems and Networking)

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Computer Systems Engineering)

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical Engineering)

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil and Construction Engineering)

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical Power Engineering)
VietnamSEAMEO RETRACMaster of Arts (Applied Linguistics)