Work-integrated learning

At Curtin we ensure students develop job-ready skills through a variety of professional work opportunities embedded in all our courses. Through our innovative partnerships with industry, community and government, our students can provide a valuable contribution to workplaces while also strengthening their skills, expanding their industry knowledge and increasing their employability. Our partners play an integral role in our students’ education by providing quality mentoring and supervision of students.


A woman writing on a whiteboard

Strategic consulting using Design Thinking

Though a series of workshops to problem-solve and generate ideas, MBA students used Design Thinking to formulate quality business reports documenting different business models and solutions for an industry enterprise.

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Models on a catwalk

Curtin Fashion Graduate Show

Curtin students worked with the fashion and events industry and stakeholders to organise, promote and present the Curtin Fashion Graduate Show, a high-quality and professional industry event.

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The empathy simulator's virtual face on a screen

Communication Training in a Virtual Learning Environment

Speech therapy and occupational therapy students interacted with an empathy simulator programmed to give realistic and varied responses, preparing them for appropriate communication in demanding and unpredictable professional situations.

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Three women in a meeting

Growth Project – Small Business Consulting

Students from all courses can work closely with small to medium enterprises on a substantial project to formulate practical business solutions, including a strategic report on potential areas of business growth.

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A man and a women in hardhats

Virtual Design and Construction Cooperative

Students are mentored by staff from high-profile architecture and construction companies to prepare them for the changing demands of the digital construction industry.

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