Research partnerships

In recent years, Curtin has started to collaborate with some of the world’s biggest industry players, with the benefits flowing both ways. It’s a natural progression from years of industry involvement through a variety of endeavours.

Connecting with industry for better research outcomes

Global connections between universities and industry are essential at a time when researchers are seeking to address increasingly global problems such as energy security and sustainability. Curtin has forged mutually beneficial research partnerships with Australian and international governments, industry and regional communities. These partnerships help contribute to the enhanced research capability of the University through shared resources, learning and knowledge to provide more competitive offerings to students and external clients.

Commercialising Research Outcomes

Curtin’s Office of IP Commercialisation connects Curtin University researchers with industry and investors who have an interest in innovative new technologies, products and services. They also provide staff and students with advice and support on all aspects of commercialising intellectual property.

CRC Australia

Cooperative Research Outcomes

Curtin maintains a high level of involvement with numerous Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs). A CRC is a company formed through a collaboration of businesses and researchers. This includes private sector organisations (both large and small enterprises), universities, industry associations and government research agencies.

Established in 1990, the federally funded CRC program aims to turn Australia’s scientific innovations into successful new products, services and technologies, making our industries more efficient, productive and competitive. The program has a strong education component with a focus on producing graduates with skills relevant to industry needs.

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