Partnerships & projects

Curtin is highly engaged with a wide range of business, government, community and industry partners at regional, national and international levels.


Cisco, with foundation partners Curtin and Woodside launched the Internet of Everything Innovation Centre, now Innovation Central Perth at Curtin in July 2015. It aims to catalyse innovation and development, bringing together start-ups, industry experts, developers, customers, government organisations and researchers in an open environment.

The centre creates a ‘connected community’ focused on cloud analytics, cybersecurity, and Internet of Everything network platforms. It currently provides co-working space, a demonstration area and laboratory facility, and facilitates research and technology demonstration projects with an initial focus on resources and mining, astronomy and big data.


The Curtin-Woodside Chair in Oil, Gas and LNG Construction and Project Management aims to develop best practice for the LNG industry to improve productivity and safety.

Woodside is also collaborating with Curtin’s Australasian Joint Research Centre for Building Information Modelling (BIM) to improve the productivity and performance of its major construction projects. Project Echo created a virtual assembly tool that locates users in a physical space and overlays a 3D model of the design.


Curtin and Chevron’s Energy Research Partnership aims to enhance knowledge and capability in soft rock and petroleum geology. It encompasses a Chair in Petroleum Geology, with projects looking at oil and gas systems with the intent of reducing cost, increasing certainty of production and increasing reserves,

Activities between Curtin and Chevron encompass environmental concerns, with research in the Centre for Marine Science and Technology involving several project that study the marine soundscape to evaluate the impact of noise on the local marine environment.

Our other research partnerships

We maintain several strategic partnerships with local, national and international organisations, helping us to produce relevant and accessible research outcomes.

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