Landgate Scholarship

The Landgate Scholarship was developed by Landgate in conjunction with Curtin University to encourage and support students who have chosen Geographic Information Science at Curtin University.

Landgate is Western Australia’s primary source of land information and geographic data. As a statutory authority, Landgate maintains the State’s official register of land ownership and survey information and is responsible for valuing the State’s land and property for Government interest.

Through a combination of resources, skills and knowledge, combined with a flexible and innovative culture, Landgate has created successful relationships with stakeholders and a customer-centric focus. Landgate’s breadth of knowledge about locations within Western Australia, extensive utilisation of GIS applications and acquisition of satellite-derived and aerial imagery across the state, allow it to provide a unique mix of products and services designed to meet the needs of government, business and community.

Further information about this scholarship can be found on the Curtin Scholarships website.