Teachers & Educators

Curtin fosters excellence in learning and teaching by partnering with teachers and educators to provide interactive and personalised learning experiences to equip students with skills for the future. Through these connections, Curtin has generated innovative ways to increase access to learning for both local students, as well as encourage global participation.


Curtin offers education beyond the physical campus through its collaboration with one of the world’s leading education platforms. Via EdX, Curtin offers MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to students globally. The progressive initiative allows more students worldwide to access Curtin’s innovative courses, which have been specifically designed for the MOOC delivery. Current offerings include digital marketing, business and mining, with plans for more courses to be released in the future.

Professional Learning Hub

Curtin’s commitment to teaching and teachers continues after graduation. Curtin’s Professional Learning Hub enables our alumni to remain inspired, informed and current in their classroom. Our innovative, practical and research-based workshops contribute to teacher PD hours aiming to build and facilitate better educational outcomes for the community through greater job satisfaction. Networking sessions and presentations delivered by School of Education offers further enhancement to teaching professionals and their peers.

Innovative Schools Consortium

Curtin partners with innovative secondary schools to help the next generation of high achievers fulfil their true potential. Once identified by their schools, high achieving students participate in a range of programs that build their skills and strengths in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship’s. This can lead to scholarships, a record of achievements that assist in meeting university entry requirements, and accelerated entry into Curtin.

If your school is interested in getting involved, download the Innovative Schools Consortium flyer – [pdf, 270kB] for more information and contact details.

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Partner Universities

Australian Technology Network

Curtin University is part of a national collaborative group of five major Australian universities that form the Australian Technology Network of Universities.

The ATN is recognised as a global leader of a new generation of universities focused on industry collaboration, real-world research with real-world impact and producing work-ready graduates to become global thinkers in business and the community.

The Australian Technology Network (ATN) brings together five of the most innovative and enterprising universities in the nation.

These universities are:

The ATN is committed to innovation – the generation of new ideas and their take-up by people. The network has a solid reputation for graduate outcomes and is recognised as delivering high quality and relevant education and research.

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